About Us

Signature Lashes is devoted to creating a look that gets you noticed.  Founded in Vancouver by individuals who are passionate and dedicated in providing you with affordable quality mink lashes that enhance your eyes. We strive to support and encourage you, by unleashing the beauty within yourself – from flirty everyday lashes to spectacular glam lashes. Our false eyelashes are for anyone who wants to feel unmistakably beautiful in seconds. Our handmade, mink lashes are the Rolls Royce of lashes in an industry that isn’t a trend, but rather the new standard.  At Signature Lashes we know that the eyes hint at your story and cushion your secrets.  Our false eyelashes are the framework to a beautiful tale.  Using only the best quality in natural materials, our mink lashes are light weight, durable and easy to apply.  We want to share this experience with you so whether your goal is to add some allure, sparkle or bewitching mystery to your eyes, Signature Lashes has you covered

Luxurious Experience

Signature Lashes are meticulously hand crafted with real Mink fur and a soft flexible cotton band. Compared to eyelash extensions, our false lashes are more convenient, beautiful, and safer. Our mink lashes are incredibly natural looking and easy to apply, even for a beginner. Mink fur is naturally soft and fine leaving you with a comfortable and luxurious way to add volume and length to your natural lashes. All of our false eyelashes are re-usable up to 25 times when properly cared for. We want all of our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we have created a lash that is perfect for every lifestyle and eye shape. Choose from our collection of light to full, elegant or dramatic mink false lashes today.

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