Let’s review the 6 Facts about False Eyelashes

Don’t we all want a little everyday boost to our makeup routine and look?  False eyelashes easily give that little bit of allure to a natural look, or that wow factor for a night out on the town.  At first, false eyelashes may seem a bit daunting – how do I put them on, will they fall off, will they be too dramatic?  Once you try them, it won’t be long before you are amazed at your new discovery and the ease of using them.  They will instantly give anyone a perfect, separated lush lash with no clumping, sticking together or smearing.  And there is more – below are a few more reasons why you should include false eyelashes in your makeup bag.

They will help keep delicate skin healthy and vibrant

I have been guilty of being a bit rough when removing my makeup at the end of the day.  All that wiping and scrubbing to get our eye makeup off, not only results in eyelash loss but isn’t good for the delicate skin around our eyes.  We can even hurt our eyes over time when not removing eye make-up properly.  Most of us don’t actually get all of our mascara off, which causes our lashes to become brittle and dry, eventually leading to breakage. Learn more about skin care and your eye lids.  Lashes come off with little to no effort and eliminate all that eye roughhousing.

They come in a variety of materials

Not all false eyelashes are alike.  There are a wide variety of choices. The most common eyelash materials are human hair, different types of plastic, and mink with mink. Mink lashes are the preferred, for their softness and realistic look. Check out our Premium Full Volume Lashes, they’re on sale now.  Adhesives safeguard that your lashes stay on all day while still allowing easy removal at night.

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They allow your real eyelashes to stay healthy and strong

Aside from the impact on your look that can be created, Our Mink Lashes actually benefit your natural lashes. Here is a great article on 9 eyelash growing hacks. Mascara can weaken your eyelashes, drying them out and making them brittle.  This in turn can cause breakage or sparse, short lashes.  False eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

False eyelashes give you options for every occasions

Our days can be full to the brim with responsibilities and special moments, all requiring that “just right” look.  Our Mink Lashes add directional lines that will define your cheek and eyebrow bones.  You can choose’ less is more’ for the office during the day, then in the evening, switch it to extra flirty, fluttery long eyelashes for that girls night out.  Whatever the occasion, your false eyelashes will instantly elevate your game.

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Save time

The morning rush can be hard, especially on those days that we oversleep a little.  It’s no fun doing your morning makeup in a scramble.  Using false eyelashes allows you to look prettier in half the time and frees up more moments for other things you enjoy. With added dimension to your eye shape, your natural beauty will shine bright all day long.

Defy the Signs of Aging

Our eyes reflect so much to the world.  Stress and aging are just two of the factors that can easily strip away a youthful look. Our Premium Mink Lashes are perfect for the ageless look .  False eyelashes conceal tired eyes and aging signs that may be showing and instead reveal a younger and more vibrant look.

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