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Mink Lashes Vancouver BC | The Best Fake Lashes in British Columbia

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Lashes For Any Occasion.

Discover our luxurious collection of high quality, custom designed light to full volume mink lashes that you will absolutely fall in love with.


Hand Crafted Mink Lashes

Signature Lashes are meticulously hand crafted with faux Mink fur and a soft flexible cotton band. Compared to eyelash extensions, our false lashes are more convenient, beautiful, and safer. Our fake mink lashes are incredibly natural looking and easy to apply, even for a beginner.

Easy To Use

Mink fur is naturally soft and fine leaving you with a comfortable and luxurious way to add volume and length to your natural lashes. All of our false eyelashes are re-usable up to 25 times when properly cared for.

Easy To Wear

Mink fur is naturally soft and fine leaving you with a comfortable and luxurious way to add volume and length to your natural lashes. All of our false eyelashes are re-usable up to 25 times when properly cared for.

Styles For Every Occasion

We want all of our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we have created a lash that is perfect for every lifestyle and eye shape. Unlike lash extensions, you can change your look in a matter of minutes. Choose from our collection of light to full, elegant or dramatic mink false lashes today.


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If you searched “mink lashes Vancouver” look no further than Signature Lashes!

Human hair mink lashes from Signature Lashes are incomparable with other synthetic lashes that you can find in beauty shops. They are manufactured using the soft cotton band which is why they are highly favourable to use. Our mink lashes are more comfortable, lightweight, and super easy to apply. The best mink lashes are those that give the tapered effect, offering a natural look.

Join the buzz with faux mink lashes in Vancouver

The popularity of faux mink lashes is on the rise.  People are fine with paying a higher price for these cotton band lashes since they are so natural and realistic looking when compared to other types of fake eyelashes.

These mink lashes are made from human hair, giving them a sleek, smooth look.  They are treated with dyes or chemicals during the process of making the lashes.

Not only are they beautifully hand-crafted, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear, and long-lasting. The faux mink eyelashes look very natural, and feel much softer than other fake lashes. This is why fake mink eyelashes are a better buy than synthetic lashes.  You’ll be sure to get all the beauty benefits. At the same time, the mink eyelashes are completely customizable and it can also give a completely natural look and feel to the users. While selecting the eyelashes, you have to personalize them with the right density, curl, and length.

Forget all the eyelash extension styles, the lash lift, and other fake lashes and try our lightweight, soft, and natural human hair mink lashes

Mink lashes in Vancouver are the best “faux lashes” and offer several advantages over other types of lashes. With their smooth appearance, they do a wonderful job of enhancing your eyes, and overall beauty. They come in a variety of lengths, making it easy to find ones that match your beauty goals.

When it comes to comfort, the natural design of the faux mink lashes makes them very comfortable to wear. With other types of lashes your skin could become irritated, but not with mink lashes from Signature Lashes. If you are going for a totally natural look, there is no better choice than our mink lashes. Most people won’t even be able to tell that you have them on since they look so real. Despite their natural, delicate appearance, they are quite durable, often outlasting the synthetic fake lashes.

Our faux lashes offer a lot of versatility. They are so natural-looking, you can wear them during the day. You can also wear them for special events in the evening by adding more makeup to achieve a more elegant dramatic look.

Tips for choosing the right mink lashes in Vancouver

When choosing fake mink lashes, look for a pair that is sized correctly for your eyes. Just make sure that the model you choose will fit with your eye shape.

Even though human hair mink lashes cost more, the investment is worthwhile since they last for so long.  Their lightweight, natural design also makes them extremely comfortable to wear. After you put on a pair of mink lashes, you will probably never go back to synthetic lashes again.

Get your money’s worth out of a pair of mink lashes since they can be worn up to 20 times – as long as you take good care of them. Anytime you take them out of their box, use a pair of tweezers. After removing them at the end of the day, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and properly stored. To prolong their life, keep them away from heat sources or damp areas.

How to apply mink false lashes

False eyelashes can damage natural lashes if they are applied or removed incorrectly. If you are a new lash wearer follow these simple steps to become a pro:

  1. Remove lashes gently from the tray with a tweezer, do not pull on the fur. Only handle from the band.
  2. Measure and trim your lashes to fit your eye if necessary, always cutting from the outside, not the inside.
  3. OPTIONAL — Apply mascara before applying your mink lashes allowing the mascara time to dry on your natural lashes before application of our Signature Lashes strip lashes to ensure the maintenance of the natural curl and fluttering effect of each lash.  Do not apply mascara to your mink lashes.
  4. Apply lash glue along the entire strip band and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  5. Apply the human hair mink lashes to the base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds for it to dry.  Ensure that the entire lash adheres to your lash line.
Signature Lashes has you covered with faux mink lashes Vancouver, BC!

While so many women yearn for the perfect lashes, there are so many false eyelashes options to choose from. Some women search for “lash extensions Vancouver”, where individual lashes are adhered to your own lashes using special glue. Each individual lash is placed on top of your lashes. Eyelash extensions tend to fall off if you sleep on your stomach or rub your eyes when removing makeup… and they can come at a hefty price.  Other women, yearning for that elegant fake lash look, may opt for a lash lift if they want to keep their own lashes. What they don’t know is that lash lifts can come with unwanted side effects including:

  • blisters
  • rash
  • redness
  • dry eye
  • watery eyes
  • inflammation
  • more brittle lash hair

With extreme flexibility, comfort, and easier application, cotton band lashes is the way to go! Some fake lashes come as a full set and others can be customized for the look you want. The advantages of having gorgeous lashes that make your eyes stand out seem to outweigh the potential disadvantages. However, it’s important to have full knowledge of all faux lash types so you can choose the right ones.

Certain types of fake lashes come with disadvantages. For example, if you are not used to wearing them, you could feel uncomfortable. Fake eyelashes will give weight to your eyes and your eyelids will feel heavier. Furthermore, some fake lashes can cause allergies – especially to those who are very sensitive. Prior to application, make sure that you do not have any allergies. Lastly, they can transmit infectious diseases. People who are wearing them should not share products.

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